Dre Hill is an artist, writer, and storyteller. His work is vivid, colorful, and animated in nature.

He graduated from Trimble Tech High School in 2017, then earned his BA in Animation and Writing from Drury University in 2021. While at Drury, he had two pieces published in the literary magazine Currents. He also was a featured artist in the ‘Race in America’ gallery exhibition. His film, “Solace”, became a second place winner for the 2022 MBEA Contest. All of which helped to kickstart his creative career.

Hill’s work is both individualist and collective, seemingly speaking for and to each reader respectively as well as to and for groups as a whole. There is also a heavy Afrocentric and supernatural focus, often exploring the connections between some of life’s mundane experiences and the almost extraordinary ways in which black people engage and grapple with them.

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