• Countdown to Crossroads

    I must confess, I’m still working on developing a schedule for these blogs. Especially with the hectic and chaotic nature of my personal schedule. A schedule made even more hectic and chaotic with the impending release of my first full-length poetry collection, Crossroads. It’s kind of confusing because Crossroads is the first book I wrote.Continue reading “Countdown to Crossroads”

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  • The Power of Beginning

    Happy New Year to you all! It has been a long little while since I’ve last written, hasn’t it? I hope that January has been treating you well so far. Now, a question for you. Do you know the power of beginning? There’s something almost transcendent about beginning. Actively choosing to buck fear, anxiety, andContinue reading “The Power of Beginning”

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  • Happy holiday season to you, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other winter specific holiday. I hope it is filled with family, joy, light, and love. Often at this point of the year, especially with it expediently coming to an end, there’s a period where we take time to seriously reflect. Be itContinue reading “2022: Proof Delay is not Denial”

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  • I know I technically did a soft introduction in my last post, but this one is a full-on, all about me. Hi, my name is Dre Hill. Well, actually it’s D’Andre, I just go by Dre. I’m an artist and storyteller. For me, that’s my way of trying to express all my various titles: animator,Continue reading “Let Me Introduce Myself (Again)”

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  • Our Story Begins

    How does one start these? Is it with a witty opening line? Some seductive language that slithers from mind to mouse and keyboard? Regardless, I’ll start with something simple, like an introduction. My name is Dre Hill. I am an artist and storyteller. For me, that’s a simple way of condensing some of the otherContinue reading “Our Story Begins”

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