Crossroads is Here

This is not a drill.

After painstakingly long and grueling months of waiting for this day (on top of the several years of creating, revising, and submitting to get published) Crossroads is officially here.

My excitement knows no ceiling. My gratitude, both to my family and to the team over at Atmosphere Press, knows no bounds. I am extremely thankful to finally be here at this moment.

My first full-length poetry collection. Wow.

I have so many thoughts and feelings. However I don’t want to bombard this post with words. I’ve already done that on social media. Perhaps I’ll spin the block on that, but for now, I think these words posted to Instagram should suffice.

Should you decide to pick up a copy of Crossroads, I just want to let you know I appreciate you. Thank you. You can enhance your experience with the accompanying Spotify playlist that I curated.

You can also check out the latest episode of the Daily Dose with Dre Hill podcast, in which I read the title poem for the collection, Crossroads. Available on platforms including Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

I thank you all for joining me in this time of celebration. I’m sure more on Crossroads will come soon. For now, I celebrate and bask though.

Where you can buy:


Barnes & Noble:

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