The Power of Beginning

Happy New Year to you all! It has been a long little while since I’ve last written, hasn’t it? I hope that January has been treating you well so far.

Now, a question for you. Do you know the power of beginning?

There’s something almost transcendent about beginning. Actively choosing to buck fear, anxiety, and doubt for the sake of risk and the potential of reward. Perhaps this is a timely message for you. Naturally, I’m speaking in the context of beginning that artistic endeavor, project, or business you’ve been dreaming about or neglecting, but, the lessons about the power of beginning are universal. They transcend into other areas of life as well. Take note of that.

But let’s bring it back down to earth for a second.

Though I studied creative writing in school, I didn’t receive any formal poetry education. I never took a class. I think my African American Literature course was the closest that I got and that was only from an analysis and understanding perspective. Nothing about writing per se. Still, I started writing poetry in the final months of my final semester. Not only that, I was bold enough to start submitting it. Some of it eventually got published. Somewhere along the way, I started writing books: chapbooks and a full-length. All of which I also submitted. All of which have been published or will be shortly.

Am I rushing through this story a little bit so this won’t be a long read? Yes. Is it still articulating my point though? Also yes.

There’s no guarantee that my work wouldn’t be picked up or published, but had I not submitted, I’d never know. If I tried to stifle the poetry I was writing, since I solely considered myself a fiction writer at the time, I wouldn’t have multiple books under my belt. All of that came as a result of me choosing to begin. Through the doubt. Despite the anxiety. Even with the fear. I chose, and I continue to choose, to begin. There is tremendous power in that. So friends, I encourage you to join me.

Pick up that paintbrush. Put that makeshift backdrop together. Pull out the knives. Break out the kiln. Plié. Grab that guitar. String those words together. There is art inside of you waiting to be made. Or perhaps it’s been made, it’s just waiting on you to release it into the world.

Take the first step. It’s time to begin.

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