Our Story Begins

How does one start these? Is it with a witty opening line? Some seductive language that slithers from mind to mouse and keyboard? Regardless, I’ll start with something simple, like an introduction.

My name is Dre Hill. I am an artist and storyteller. For me, that’s a simple way of condensing some of the other titles and adjectives I use to describe myself: animator, poet, and photographer, for example. Just to name a few. I studied animation and writing at Drury University, where I graduated in 2021. Since then, I’ve hit the ground running creatively, publishing two chapbooks, with subsequent works forthcoming in publication.

A bit less about me though, and more about where we’re headed on this journey. Truthfully, I don’t know. I say this, because the sky is the limit, and I plan to aim high. What I can say is that I intend to bring you with me every step of the way. Join me on my journey, I guarantee it will be an interesting one. As we go, I intend to share about what I’ve learned, what I’m working on, and who I’m becoming in the process. Our story begins now.

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