Let Me Introduce Myself (Again)

I know I technically did a soft introduction in my last post, but this one is a full-on, all about me.

Hi, my name is Dre Hill. Well, actually it’s D’Andre, I just go by Dre. I’m an artist and storyteller. For me, that’s my way of trying to express all my various titles: animator, painter, photographer, podcaster, poet, and writer, amongst a few, with brevity. Who wants to swim through that word soup every time they introduce themselves? Not me.

Here’s a list of quick facts about me:

  • 2021 Drury University grad. Bachelor’s of Arts in animation and writing.
  • Published author. Two books out, with more forthcoming.
  • Podcast host, and everything else, for Daily Dose with Dre Hill. Listen pretty much wherever.
  • Exhibited artist. One of my paintings featured in a gallery on campus in my senior year. It subsequently sold some time after I graduated.

I really want to take the time in this post to dive a little deeper. Obviously I want to flesh out everything that I articulated in my last post. On top of that, I want to add to that substance. Give you a better picture of who I am holistically.

Additional random facts about me:

  • My favorite juice is apple.
  • My favorite colors are red and green.
  • I am technically left-handed. However my mom taught me how to write with my right hand. Now my physiology is a mess.
  • I’m a late bloomer. My first concert was in 2019. I’ve only been to 4 in my life up to this point.

Does this paint a better picture of who I am? Maybe? Honestly I don’t know at this point. Here’s what I do know. Art has been a big part of my life. It’s been the one constant in a sea of consistent change. For that I will always be thankful and grateful. I quite literally grew up drawing, painting, and writing, even on spaces not conventionally used for those practices. Sorry again about the walls mom. So for me, this is an exhilarating moment. To see things come full circle like this, where my unconventional scribbles and sentence strings make complete sense. They resonate. People enjoy them. It’s been an incredible experience. An incredible ride so far.

We’ve reached the portion where I feel like I’ve run out of things to say. That’s not particularly uncommon when it comes to talking about myself. In fact, I typically defer and deflect to other people. But in this instance, I think I’ve said enough. At least for now. So I’ll wrap this up. Thank you for taking the time to read and get to know me a little better. I hope that now you do. Know me better that is. Until next time friends!

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